About the Team

The team is exploring new relationships between space and humans, By conducting experiments to handle elements and materials on an architectural scale that were not originally treated spatially.

Idea Overview

Nikawa is an animal-derived collagen substance that was originally used as an art material. It has the potential to be used in various cities with meat culture.
The Idea is an experiment on the combination of two material properties, "fiber" and "Nikawa". Textile products impregnated with melted adhesive (glue) allow you to move between the soft state of the fiber and the hardened state. Through the study, the following utilization methods are expected.

1: It is light and has a certain degree of independence, so it is possible to make large gestures to the space.
2: To be a joint that fits perfectly to each object, not a module.
3: By having reversibility by heat treatment, these can be performed non-destructively to the existing environment.
4: To be a coloring aid.

"Soft wall" is an idea to use these material properties as an architectural element by using the pleats of the curtain as a structure. And it dissolved in water, can move between the soft state of the fiber and the hardened state. Therefore, for example, it has the potential to construct a hypothetical space such as an exhibition without having to dispose of large-scale materials.

Background & Motivation

In this proposal, we see the potential of nikawa and textile materials as a way for people to make spatial gestures lighter and easier.

Next Steps

Experiments on how to use various nikawa, recipes and commercialization of methods.

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Nikawa lab
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Tokyo, Japan
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Started Jun 2021
Created by nikawa lab