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About the Team

We are a studio of (not so) young architects and designers who met and gather in Japan because of our love in Japanese culture. We all came from different cultural backgrounds with different beliefs, upbringings and educations and found a common ground in our approach to fun and interesting architecture.

Idea Overview

We try to challenge the ultra-comfortability of human lifestyle by the introduction of non-ergonomic elements into existing infrastructures. By making the human body uncomfortable in certain areas, we aim to induce semi-sport activities and exercises in everyday life of individuals.

Background & Motivation

Sports were a product of necessity. Ancient civilizations used sports as a preparation for events such as hunting or warfare. It challenges the typical human body and pushes the human’s limit by making people go through discomfort. Ancient people who lived by hunting practiced sports during their whole life.

However, in modern civilization, sports has become an auxiliary aspect of life. Most people do not want challenges for the body and thus refrain from participating in sports. We live in places of utmost comfort. Every product or item follows an ergonomic function to make us comfortable.

Challenges & Insights

These non-ergonomic interventions are all voluntary. Some people might choose to do it and some won’t. When people start doing it, they will experience a change in their body behavior. With time, this behavior will influence other people to join and it will become a culture in itself and then more and more people will join in. Thus, a culture where both the human population and the human body will go through a change in behavior, “a body culture”, will form. Therefore, all these people, who follow the same culture of changing their body behavior will become a “body culture club”.

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Tokyo, Japan
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Started Oct 2020
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