Soundmappng Exhibition


2 days of pop up exhibition

Collaborative mapping and a series of installations created by for Cities and Cluster Cairo

šŸ› ļø

3 workshops

In addition to the pop up exhibition, various workshops will be organized for architectural students and children.


in Cairo

This event will be held in Ard-El-Lewa neighborhood, Cairo, in one of the creative centers of Cluster Cairo


This year, for Cities has came to Cairo, Egypt! Together with the Urban Research & Design Center CLUSTER,weā€™re focusing on the soundscape of Ard El Lewa neighborhood ā€” one of the most densely populated and informal neighborhoods in Cairo.

Pop Up Exhibition (29th / 30th)


A collective map to visualize various aspects of the Ard-El-Lewa neighborhood will be presented during the week, which evolves gradually day by day through participation.

Sound Installations

ā€‹ā€‹Sonic fiction opens up the field of speaking about sound in general, reflecting individual sonic experiences and highlighting their stories in an imaginative manner. During the exhibition, participants are invited to explore sonic imaginations and observations by for Cities & Cluster Cairo team.

Workshops & Talks (25th - 30th)

Soundscape Work Kit

At the workshops and exhibition, participants have access to for Citiesā€™ original work kit to quickly get accustomed to the methodologies and find their own perspectives on soundscape and field recording. Participants are encouraged to walk around the Ard-El- Lewa neighborhood with this kit to discover the uniqueness of the area.

ā€œSoundmarksā€ Workshop

Just as every neighborhood has landmarks, there are also ā€œsoundā€-marks that make the place unique and special. The tour will invite participants to look for ā€œSoundmarksā€ of the neighborhood, as well as to imagine together what they want the neighborhood to sound alternatively.


Urbanist School / Spatial Sound of Cairo

by GIS Friends

for Cities and GIS friends present a 5 DAYS workshop ā€œSpatial Sound of Cairoā€ to learn the basics of GIS and the use of spatial data in the context of sensory urbanism. Our mission is to analyze, visualize and communicate through sound data of the city by understanding spatial data information. More info .


Cluster Talk

An open discussion and talk reflecting the findings of the collaboration and each collaboratorā€™s previous practices.

General info šŸ“

Pop Up Exhibition

2022 / 7 / 29ļ¼ˆFri), 7 / 30ļ¼ˆSatļ¼‰12:00 - 19:00 @ AL-GAMALON (ALFABRIKA)


2022 / 7 / 25 (Mon) ~ 30 (Thu)


for Cities

for Cities is an urban experience design studio based in Japan, as well as an international collective of urban practitioners and thinkers working in Asia and beyond. The mission is to celebrate the uniqueness of cities and to build an international collective of emerging urbanists who act together to intervene in the existing paradigms.



Cairo Laboratory for Urban Studies, Training and Environmental Research aims at establishing a critical space for urban discourse. CLUSTER engages critical theorization while being grounded in professional practice, negotiating the blurred boundaries between formal/institutional regulations and everyday urban informality.


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