A kid-friendly city would be a friendly city for everyone.
A kid's rich imagination goes beyond existing city functions and has the potential to discover playfulness and new possibilities in the city.
Playing in the city is crucial for children to feel connected to society, to learn about themselves, and to develop their sensibilities.
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Why We Chose This Topic
Lady Allen of Hurtwood, the author of "Planning for Play," once said that large-scale urban development since 1968 has eliminated the secret places for children to create their own world. With the increase in high-rise and high-density housing, roads were built for cars, resulting in the loss of spaces for kids to play safely. It seems like many cities are designed for consumption and mobility even now. The spaces where children can freely play are still disappearing.

UNICEF aims to develop Child Friendly Cities around the world. As a part of this project, children are also treated as members of society and are asked how they benefit from municipal policies, laws, businesses, and budgets. It is important that their voices and opinions are taken into consideration and reflected in the decisions and procedures of the city.

In this campaign, we will share the practices of non-adult-oriented urban interventions that occur locally. For example, education in the field of urban development to promote young citizen participation, that goes beyond adult-centered design. What if we try to reverse the current "No kids allowed" spaces in the city? We might end up with places where children and adults both can enjoy themselves and live comfortably.

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