How long-term should urban planning be? Does permanence matter for cities? If humans and everything else in nature have a limited life cycle and are in constant change, why shouldn't cities be the same? "Ephemera" are collectible memorabilia that are, or were, meant for a short term purpose. This campaign challenges you to submit ideas that shed the lights on short-term, temporal, and flexible practices in cities that are in constant flux.
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Why We Chose This Topic
The human body has a limited lifespan, and so does everything in nature. How can architecture and cities be designed and constructed with the transitory nature of physical substances? From a temporal shelter that is meant to exist only for a limited period of time to the Roman Pantheon that stands on this earth for thousands of years, how can we learn from a different lifecycle of human construction, and a shifting environment that is in flux?

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Every Autumn, we host a city festival & exhibition in multiple Asian cities to share, test, and learn from your ideas. The best ideas from each campaign will be selected and feautured.

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We carefully select the most inspiring & aspirational ideas from submissions, and feature them in our annual publication. The individuals / teams behind selected ideas will have the chance to be invited to our educational programs and local projects to participate.