Do you know how many people from abroad live in your neighborhood? How much do you know what they eat? What they love? What they listen to? Getting to know the trends that were invisible to you is a great way to understand the diversity in our cities, and to understand each other. This campaign challenges you to submit ideas that shed light on "invisible" culture and trends that differ from mainstream society.
Ends 10 hours ago (Oct 21, 2021)

Why We Chose This Topic
One day, I went to a convenience store in Tokyo. I bought a rice-ball for lunch (as usual), and went to the cashier. I realized the clerk was not from Japan, he looked Vietnamese, or from somewhere else in Asia. I saw him almost everyday but as I didn't know where he was from, what he eats, how he speaks... I felt that the cashier's counter embodied our distance in society. In our increasingly diverse cities, there are still invisible borders between cultures, ethnicities, generations, socio-economic classes, and more. We simply dwell in our own comfortable bubbles with the people who share the same background or interests. This campaign focuses on highlighting the trends that are invisible from the mainstream society, to bridge the communities beyond these invisible borders. Do we know what is popular among your international neighbors, teenagers, old folks, and more? What can an urban professional do to bridge these gaps? – Yukako Ishikawa

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Every Autumn, we host a city festival & exhibition in multiple Asian cities to share, test, and learn from your ideas. The best ideas from each campaign will be selected and feautured.

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We carefully select the most inspiring & aspirational ideas from submissions, and feature them in our annual publication. The individuals / teams behind selected ideas will have the chance to be invited to our educational programs and local projects to participate.