Women’s bodies have a certain biorhythm that changes every month. Period is one of them. During this period it’s normal that we suddenly want to cry, get frustrated, or become emotionally unstable — and sometimes, heavy headaches and nausea make it hard to go to work or school. What if there was a park where it’s safe to cry and ponder, what if there was a toilet that could make our body warm, and what if there was a bench where we could take a break when we feel unexpectedly unwell …?
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Why We Chose This Topic
How can we create urban spaces and communities that aid our emotional, physical instabilities? These questions gave us inspiration for this campaign.

In Vienna, “gender-sensitivity guidelines” have been applied to city planning for years, even before the UN’s global strategy for gender equality in 1995. Leslie Kern's "Feminist City" pointed out the lack of a female perspective on mobility and residence design due to the male-centered progress of urban planning since the modern era, and claimed that it is a challenge to raise questions about such a previous design process and necessary for a more inclusive city design. In this campaign, we seek to gather “gender mainstreaming” urban design practices to reconsider cities through a female perspective for creating more just, inclusive city design with people who have been excluded from their urban spaces.

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