Let’s face it — urbanism sounds boring to most people. Nobody wants to read master plan documents and participate in community activities on daily basis. What if architectural & urban practices could be funny, humorous, and provocative in their processes and shapes? This campaign challenges you to submit ideas that incorporate the essence of comedy, manzai, humor into the practice of architecture and urbanism.
Ends 3 hours ago (Oct 21, 2021)

Why We Chose This Topic
Manzai is a traditional comedy style in Japan, that usually involves two performers using mutual misunderstanding, double-talk, puns, and other verbal gags. Comedy and humor, in all their different forms around the globe, are often centered around communication, dialogue, mutual (mis)understanding, and are sometimes used as a nonviolent resistance strategy against oppression. We took inspiration from here — what can comedy and humor teach us about the way we live in & build our cities?

Get the chance to join our global exhibition

Every Autumn, we host a city festival & exhibition in multiple Asian cities to share, test, and learn from your ideas. The best ideas from each campaign will be selected and feautured.

Join our publication and other opportunities

We carefully select the most inspiring & aspirational ideas from submissions, and feature them in our annual publication. The individuals / teams behind selected ideas will have the chance to be invited to our educational programs and local projects to participate.