Country Ambassadors

We are excited to announce the launch of the for cities ambassador program. Please see below the details and do not hesitate to apply if you believe to be a good fit as the face of your urbanist community in your country!

What are for Cities’ country ambassadors?

Country ambassadors have the responsibility of communicating with the urban practitioners in your country, by sharing the philosophy of for Cities and making sure the submissions for our open calls are active on a regular and sustained basis. They will be given the permission to access and edit the idea pages of their home country to make sure the submissions of the country reach a certain level of quality. They also help us to organize the community meetups and events regularly together with the for Cities core team.

Who is it for?

The ideal ambassadors will be from a background of any creative field (architecture, urbanism, design, art etc) with a deep knowledge and understanding of not only urbanism but culture, language, and social issues of a given country. Good command in English is mandatory - as the writing, translating, and presentation skills are needed for assisting the other fellow urbanists to communicate their ideas on the Cities platform. Students are also welcome.

The responsibility

The ambassadors are responsible to promote the campaigns and spread the word to gather at least 5 idea submissions per month. They are also responsible for providing language support for submissions from their countries, making sure that unsung voices are heard and presented a right way.

What we offer

Country ambassadors will not be financially remunerated. However, we’ll give you the title and more responsibility within the community activities, as well as the right to commit to various local projects and annual exhibitions. They can host their own original campaigns, and have a right to join our occasional ambassador meetings to expand their global urbanist network. We can also provide you with a certificate if necessary.

How to apply

Simply send your application message and your curriculum vitae or resume to Make sure to state "Country ambassador" in the subject line for faster consideration.

We look forward to collaborating with you!